News You Need To Know – Week of September 4th

  • Hikers Say the Columbia River Gorge is Burning Because Teenage Boys Were Tossing Firecrackers Off a Cliff
    (Willamette Week)
  • Eagle Creek fire grows, spreads to Washington; officials say fire a ‘high priority’ in the nation
    (The Oregonian)
  • Ash Falls Like Snow Across Portland as Wildfire Tears Through the Columbia River Gorge
    (Willamette Week)
  • Buying A New Bike In Oregon? Get Ready To Pay $15 More
  • Oregon removes nearly 55,000 people from Medicaid after they failed eligibility checks
    (The Oregonian)

News You Need to Know – 1/20/16

  • Report: The Abortion Rate is Declining in the United States
    (The Blaze)
  • New Jersey Kills Dangerous Bill That Would Have Made It 5th State to Legalize Assisted Suicide
  • Dem Governor’s Pitch For $15 Minimum Wage Comes On The Heels Of 100K Union Contribution
    (Daily Caller)
  • Rep. Bill Post Introduces Pregnant Women’s Assistance Bill
  • Oracle uncovers ‘smoking gun’ in Cover Oregon board member’s email
    (Portland Business Journal)
  • Why the GOP Primary Could Be Even Crazier Than You Think

News You Need to Know – 1-12-16

  • Records reveal officials knew earlier of troubled provider
    (AP / Washington Times)
  • Democratic Congresswoman Accuses GOP Colleague Of Using Abortion Statistics To ‘Lecture Black Legislators’
    (The Blaze)
  • Young Abortion Activists Upset at Democrat Chair: You’re Wrong, We Love Abortion
    (Life News)
  • Ted Cruz links Hillary Clinton to Wendy Davis on abortion
  • Obama Vetoes Planned Parenthood Defunding Bill
    (Students for Life)
  • Moderate Dems run from Obama

News You Need to Know – 1-4-16

  • Oregon ranchers to seek clemency from Obama
    (USA Today)
  • Kate Brown, supposed transparency advocate, defends months-long public records run-around: Editorial
    (The Oregonian)
  • Older generation rules state famous for its youth
    (Portland Tribune)
  • Harry Reid seeks ‘slush fund’ to cover post-Senate costs
    (Washington Examiner)
  • Federal judge blocks Arkansas restrictions on abortion pill
  • Media hiding horror of continued forced abortion
  • Abortion rights group wants ultrasound documentation stopped