News You Need to Know – 12-16-15

  • Finally! Fed raises interest rates
  • Portland-area housing market remains ‘remarkably tight’
    (The Oregonian)
  • Somebody’s Watching You: Oregonians cherish freedom and privacy. Turns out we don’t have much of either.
    (Willamette Week)
  • State Tab for Cover Oregon Litigation Includes Additional Law Firms
    (Willamette Week)
  • Paid Sick Leave Set To Go Statewide In Oregon
  • A Day in the Life of Americans
  • In Las Vegas Debate, a Rubio-Cruz Showdown Takes Center Stage
    (National Review)

News You Need to Know – 12-7-15

  • Obama Backs Planned Parenthood Rally But Avoids Ever Saying ‘Abortion’
    (CNS News)
  • California’s strict gun laws failed to stop mass shooting
    (The Oregonian \ AP)
  • Intelligence report commissioned by White House says ISIS not contained
    (Fox News)
  • Nuclear reactors developed in Corvallis can be ‘game-changer,’ energy secretary says at climate talks
    (Bloomberg News \ The Oregonian)
  • [Oregon] Lawmakers ask for impacts of gross receipts tax
    (East Oregonian)
  • Watch What Portland Mayor Charlie Hales Said At The U.N. Climate Talks in Paris
    (Willamette Week)