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  • Portland hipsters mad they’ll have to work full-time jobs to pay the rent
    (New York Post)
  • Vance Day testifies; military expert criticizes Day’s vet court
    (Statesman Journal)
  • Oracle Filing New Lawsuit Against Gov. Kate Brown Over Public Records Request
    (Willamette Week)
  • The State‚Äôs Travel Contract Shows How Little Has Changed in Salem
    (Willamette Week)
  • A New Dawn Of Reproductive Freedom In China? Hardly
    (The Federalist)
  • Two-Time Survivor Contestant Laura Morett Announces Run for Oregon House of Representatives
David was born and raised in Oregon but was blessed with the opportunity to travel while growing up. He enjoys politics, music, audio books, most anything batman and, most of all, being an uncle. David is especially passionate about protecting the lives of those most vulnerable.