AURORA, Colo.—

A 29-year-old mother of six received wonderful news in two different forms this month—a healthy baby girl and a cancer-free diagnosis.

Heather Choate and her husband were overjoyed when Heather became pregnant with their sixth child last July. But their joy was quickly overshadowed by fear during a health check at 10 weeks gestation.

“We were 10 weeks along when we found out that I had breast cancer,” Heather said.

The family was shocked by the diagnosis because of Heather’s young age. She also has no family history of breast cancer. The diagnosis caused doctors to fear for Heather’s health in regard to her pregnancy.

(Photo credit: CBS)

(Photo credit: CBS)

“We were told by multiple oncologists that we needed to terminate in order to increase my chances of survival. I would rather die than take the life of my child,” Heather told CBS Denver.

Instead of ending her pregnancy, Heather sought the help of national cancer expert Dr. Virginia Borges at the University of Colorado Hospital, who specializes in treating young women with cancer.

Heather underwent chemotherapy and surgery while pregnant. Her baby girl, Kiery Celeste, stayed healthy through all of it and entered into the world on Jan. 6th.

Dr. Borges with Heather & Kiera (Photo credit: CBS)

Dr. Borges with Heather & Kiery (Photo credit: CBS)

Even with the excitement of a new daughter, Heather could not breath a sigh of relief until this week when she was officially declared cancer-free.

“I just got tears really in my eyes because that means we’ve done it—we have a baby here and things are looking good,” she said.

Though more treatments are still ahead for Heather, the Choates are counting their blessings and cherishing the time with their new youngest family member.

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