ActivelyNorthwest recently published a list of 5 hikes that “every Pacific Northwesterner needs to do.” While it was difficult to pick just five, the chosen hikes boast spectacular scenery.

1. Eagle Creek — This Columbia Gorge hike features forests, waterfalls, and ferns on a moderately difficult trail. With year-round accessibility and trails ranging from 2 to 12 miles in length, this hike will bring you face-to-face with dozens of spectacular waterfalls.

2. Ape Cave  — The hardest part of this hike is not the trail, which is fairly easy, but the lighting — or lack thereof. This 2.5 mile long lava tube’s main challenge remains navigating in the dark. Bring a headlamp, flashlight, or lantern to light the way and observe some fascinating rocks.

3. Summerland  — With nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain, this 8.5 mile hike is no walk in the park, but the views are worth the difficulty. Sights include alpine meadows, wildflowers, and mountain goats. On clear days, Mount Rainier is visible.

4. Ramona Falls  — This 7-mile hike on Mount Hood’s southwestern slope greets hikers with evergreen forests and a tall but gentle waterfall. Views of Mount Hood, the Sandy River basin, and Ramona Falls will take your breath away.

5. Ozette Triangle  — This 9.4 mile triangle-shaped loop on the Washington coast features everything from seals and eagles to petroglyphs, boulders, forests, and beaches. There is a 6.5 mile option that runs from the trailhead to the beach and back, but you won’t want to miss the additional 3 mile beach trail.

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