For 30 years, 90-year-old Italene Gaddis has dreamed of appearing on the Tonight Show.

Her reason is simple.

“I can encourage more people,” she said. “That’s what I’m about, to encourage people.”

Since she retired at age 62, Gaddis has been singing at shopping malls and retirement centers.

Her dream was to sing a song to her then 97-year-old mother when the Tonight Show was hosted by Johnny Carson. But Gaddis never got a call.

Still, she continued strumming her autoharp and singing positive original songs. She has appeared on radio and television, got a record, won a talent contest, and written a book of poems that are “simple and sincere representations of Italene’s life journey and her thoughts for hopeful living.”

She has a Facebook page and is also on YouTube.

Gaddis believes she will eventually be on the Tonight Show. She just needs to be patient.

Those in support of Gaddis are using the hashtag #GetGrannyOnFallon


Katrina Aman is an aspiring journalist who desires to be a person of positive influence. Particularly passionate about poverty alleviation and civil rights, she hopes her writing takes her where she can improve lives.