Decadent Creations chef wins Chopped cooking showBEAVERTON, Ore.–

Five years after opening Decadent Creations Bakery from her home kitchen, Beaverton-based pastry chef Mindy Simmons won the latest episode of the hit TV show “Chopped.” In a special “Chocolate Rush!” episode, contestants prepared a three course meal working chocolate into every dish.

“I did not see this coming,” Simmons told The Oregonian. “After the first round, I was not confident at all. I actually undercooked my pork chop, and I realized it at the last, literally the last, minute.”

Decadent Creations chef wins chopped cake signA quick creative fix – shaving off the glazed pork chop edges and garnishing with a white chocolate sauce – delighted the judges. Her entree, a chocolate-crusted deckle of cumin and cayenne-flavored beef, also impressed.

But the pastry chef’s favorite part of the competition was, naturally, the finale.

“I don’t really do savory,” Simmons said. “I was really proud of the dessert I made.”

Fans wanting to try the winning dessert can buy the graham cracker strawberry shortcakes at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market this Saturday, Feb. 21.

Decadent Creations can be found at 5 Portland area farmers markets, select New Seasons Market stores, and several coffee shops. From her scrumptious Chopped meal to her elaborate baked goods, it’s easy to see the Oregonian victor values creativity.

Decadent Creations chef wins chopped chocolate special“We call our style adventurous nostalgic,” the Decadent Creations website reads. “Like finding your Grandmother is on Safari. A slice of cake should tug at your heart-strings while taking you on a flavor-journey to someplace you’ve never been.”

Living and baking in the Portland area for past 11 years, Simmons remains committed to creating treats utilizing local ingredients.

“I believe that sweets should be hand-made with locally-sourced milk, butter, sugar, flour and love freshly every day,” Simmons’ website reads. “That never goes out of style.”

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