A peaceful, legally registered pro-life demonstration was forcibly shut down near the European Parliament buildings in Brussels on Tuesday. The gathering was organized by the active Polish pro-life group Fundacja Pro; Michał Marusik, a Polish Member of the European Parliament; and the Instigos Institute.

After an angry mob surrounded the activists, police used force to take their signs and a Polish flag.

“When we display graphic abortion pictures on the streets of Poland, the reaction we get is mostly sympathetic,” Kaja Godek, a leading Polish pro-lifer, said. “In Brussels, we met with aggression and a hysterical reaction. Some furious people surrounded us screaming that we were sick and that the photographs of abortion victims were a lie.”

“They screamed vulgarities and obscene insults, specifically directed at the ladies in our group,” said Jacek Januszewski, a young pro-life activist. “They threw firecrackers, physically pushed us, and tried to steal our banners.”

But the violence did not end there. “They formed a circle around our group, but were facing us, as if we were the source of aggression, not the mob around us,” Januszewski added. “Even after one of the policemen got hit on the back with something thrown at us by the mob, they still acted as if it was us who caused the danger. We were just standing there in shock.”

Then the police got involved, but not on the side of the law, which expressly permits legal demonstrations.

“At one point a man dressed in civilian clothes approached us all red in the face, pushed us and tried to take our banners by force,” Januszewski said. “When we resisted, he produced a police ID. We asked him what he was doing and what law allowed him to disrupt a legal demonstration like that. He screamed back at us: ‘I am the law in Brussels.’”

The plainclothes police man proceeded to threaten the demonstrators, accusing them of causing violence.

“The man in civilian clothes kept pointing to one specific banner we were holding, showing the face of Adolf Hitler with a caption ‘Hitler legalized abortion on demand for Poles,’” said Godek. “[The undercover policeman] was all red in the face and kept saying he didn’t like it and that it was upsetting everybody. We told him we were being attacked and needed protection. He said that we were the danger, we were provoking violence.”

See the videos of this shocking encounter here.

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