All weddings are special celebrations, but Tami Martin’s was also a personal victory.

After a car accident in 1999 crushed part of her spine and left her paralyzed, Martin struggled with physical therapy. She broke her leg and gained weight.

This didn’t stop the determined young lady, however. She decided that she would do what doctors told her was impossible: walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

After losing 192 pounds and learning how to walk again, Martin was able to walk down the 63-foot aisle on her wedding day with only the aid of a walker to meet her husband, Rob Dietrich. “I walked down the aisle publicly after being told I would never walk again,” she said.

Martin has now set an even more ambitious goal, which she is working to accomplish with her husband’s support and her faith in God. “Now my goal is to walk again on my own without the aid of anything,” she said.

Advances in medicine and technology seem to indicate her goal is within reach. In 2012, a Polish man named Darek Fidyka regained his ability to walk after undergoing a cell transplant surgery.

“When you can’t feel almost half your body, you are helpless,” said Fidyka, two years after his surgery. “But when it starts coming back, it’s as if you were born again.”

Watch the video here.

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