The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots were not the only ones facing off during last week’s Super Bowl game—actors Chris Pratt (“Starlord” in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) and Chris Evans (“Captain America” in The Avengers) made a bet that whoever’s team lost would travel in costume to a children’s hospital of the winner’s choosing.

The bet was the result of an ongoing Twitter feud. Pratt, a die-hard Seahawks fan, told Evans that if the Seahawks won, Evans was to visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital and wave the “12th Man Flag.” Evans retaliated, saying that if the Patriots won, Pratt would visit Christopher’s Haven Hospital in Boston wearing a Tom Brady jersey.

Pratt Evans Bet 1

Pratt Evans Bet 2

True to his promise, after the Patriots’ 28-24 victory, Pratt announced via Twitter, “Congrats to the world champions @patriots you were the better team tonight. I will be visiting @chris_haven as Starlord. #twitterbowl.”

This weekend, both Pratt and Evans visited Seattle Children’s Hospital and Christopher’s Haven.

“I got a chance to see some awesome kids and celebrate Christopher’s Haven,” said Pratt in an interview with CNN after Friday’s visit.

The biggest winners were the kids, who got to see their heroes come to support them.

“It was awesome. Chris Pratt is my favorite actor and I was happy to see him here,” said Kenny Botting, a cancer patient at the Boston hospital. “I mean, like it is not normal to have a superhero come and see you.”

Pratt and Evans have also raised nearly $27,000 to donate to the two hospitals.

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