On Wednesday, April 29, the Discovery Channel will air the premier of the new reality series “Unearthed.” The show follows Oregon “truffle men” who scour rural Oregon near Falls City in search of valuable truffles to eat and sell.

The series showcases the skills required and danger involved in foraging truffles. Black truffles are one of the most expensive delicacies in the world—the prices are expected to increase even more as a historic drought brings the truffle supply to an all-time low.

The Discovery Channel’s press release states: “The search for truffles is treacherous. From dangerous terrain to unpredictable weather to animal and human predators, every hunter must pull out all the stops to earn their living. They make their own rules and live for the thrill of scoring a huge hunt. But will this be the worst hunt yet?”

The main cast of the show include Roy Siegfried and Terry Drazdhoff, the veteran truffle hunters, Ty Hale and Levy Schwartzendruber, the new generation trained by Siegfried and Drazdhoff, Richie Maxfield, the untrusting “lone wolf,” and Justin Anderson, the businessman.

In 2011, the biggest black truffle ever found in Oregon weighed in at one pound and was roughly the size of a grapefruit. Higgins Restaurant in downtown Portland bought the truffle for $80 to dice and serve it in a red wine, vinegar, fish stock and cream sauce over Columbia River sturgeon.


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