Orange County, Calif.—

Sometime good deeds really do come back to you. An Orange County pediatrician was unknowingly rescued by a man he had saved as a baby 30 years earlier.

Four years ago, Dr. Michael Shannon’s SUV was broadsided by a semi-truck on Pacific Coast Highway. As the semi-truck and car caught fire, he found himself trapped inside the vehicle and unable to escape.

Luckily, firefighters and paramedics were able to respond quickly to the accident, arriving in minutes, extinguishing the fire, and cutting Shannon from the car.

Shannon was rushed to a hospital where he spent 45 days being treated for burns to his legs as well as internal injuries sustained in the wreck.

Trokey with Shannon

Dr. Michael Shannon and Chris Trokey with fellow paramedics

What Shannon didn’t know at the time was that one of the paramedics who rescued him from his vehicle was Chris Trokey, who Shannon had worked hard to save as a premature infant.

“I didn’t know about until I went to the hospital and started talking about it, Dr. Shannon. And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Dr. Shannon?’” Trokey said. “That’s when I found out.”

Trokey had been born prematurely, weighing only 3.2 pounds and having a roughly 50% chance of survival. Dr. Shannon had stayed through the night to keep a close eye on Trokey and give him the best chance possible to pull through. His efforts had paid off.

Now the baby who was saved by the doctor has returned the favor.

“It’s amazing to watch them all grow up, but to have one come back in your life, on a day you really need it, that’s really incredible,” Shannon told KTLA

The two men met again Mar. 29 at a fundraiser where they shaved their heads to raise money for St Baldrick’s cancer charity. They embraced each other upon meeting, and Trokey later shared that Dr. Shannon is his son’s pediatrician.



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