After The Adoption Exchange finally placed one girl in a loving family, she missed her foster care sister terribly. Seeing how close the two girls had become, her new family planned a special Christmas surprise for their newly adopted daughter.

The family flew her foster care sister across the country and hid her in a huge gift box beside the tree, complete with pink wrapping and a gold bow.

To the delight of his new daughter, the father lifted the box to reveal her smiling foster sister.

Though the dear friends had to part again after the Christmas holiday, their separation would not be for long.

The older girl was nearing the legal age of emancipation from the foster care system, yet she still longed for a real family to call her own. Learning of her wish during the visit, the family decided to adopt her as an adult.

A month after the Christmas surprise, the two girls became true sisters.

“The Adoption Exchange envisions a world in which all children are valued and grow up in safe and permanent families, and where families are supported in their critical roles,” the organization’s website reads.

Learn how to play a supporting role for adopting families here.

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