A 41-year-old woman who recently moved from Oregon City to Kentucky died on Thursday, Feb. 26 in a car accident with a tractor-trailer truck in Indiana.

Melanie Marla Ann Rothery’s aunt quickly set up a GoFundMe.com page to ask for help paying for Rothery’s cremation, retrieving her possessions, and helping her family relocate to Oregon to be with extended family. In less than 24 hours, the page collected more than $1,600. Some anonymous donors gave hundreds of dollars.

Rothery and her sister moved from Oregon to Kentucky for a fresh start with mutual friends, according to her aunt, Marla Wosnak, of La Pine, Oregon.

According to Indiana State Police, Rothery had pulled her Subaru Legacy over to the shoulder of a southbound highway. When she pulled back onto the road in an attempt to cross lanes to turn east on another road, she was struck by the tractor-trailer truck and died at the scene.

This was the second death in Rothery’s immediate family in recent months. Her younger brother died in December and their mother “needs to have her only remaining child back home with her,” Wosnak said.

“[The family is] devastated and numb,” Wosnak said. Rothery’s surviving sister and Rothery’s service dog, Chika, have returned home but the page is staying up longer in order to fundraise to pay for final expenses of the cremation.

Donations to help can be made at the GoFundMe.com page.

All money donated is being given to Rothery’s mother to pay final expenses. “She has expressed her great surprise and gratitude at your generoristy,” Wosnak wrote on the GoFundMe.com page. “Knowing these funds are coming her way has given her great relief and a little measure of peace.”


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