It was a few days after her 13th birthday when Anna van Keulen corralled her parents into the living room to listen to her privately perform the “Downton Abbey” theme song on the family’s upright piano. Her father recorded the performance with a video camera.

Anna van Keulen, 13

Anna van Keulen, 13

Anna’s fingers stumbled nervously at the beginning, causing her to halt and smile shyly before starting again. She played the beautiful arrangement with poise and concentration, and her parents applauded and thanked her at the end.

For Anna’s parents, the piano performance was just another beautiful family moment with their daughter. Now, it’s a loving memory they will cherish forever.

Only a couple months after Anna’s video performance was recorded, she was tragically struck by a motorist while riding her bike to school on October 16th. She passed away early the following morning, according to Yahoo News.

On October 28th, Nick van Keulen decided to post the video of his daughter’s performance on YouTube.

“My daughter Anna wanted to be famous. Now, she has suddenly died,” he wrote on Twitter. “Help her become famous by watching!”

Anna’s video has since gone viral, already garnering over 2 million views in the short time it’s been online.

Nick was blown away by the response the video has received, posting on Twitter, “It’s overwhelming … thanks all. Anna’s goal is reached: she’s famous.”

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