It was seven years ago in fourth grade that Ben Moser and Mary Lapkowicz pledged to go to prom together. Two years after the childhood pledge, however, Mary transferred to another school, and the friends lost contact.It wasn’t until last year that the two met up again at a football game between their rival schools.

Moser was the quarterback for his high school, and Lapkowicz was the team equipment manager for hers. Seeing Lapkowicz again reminded Moser of the pledge they had made in elementary school.

Later giving her balloons with the question “Prom?” on one of them, Moser formally invited Lapkowicz to go to prom with him—a gesture that absolutely thrilled her and her family, according to Yahoo News.

“I was surprised. I was going to go with some friends,” Lapkowicz said.  

The friends followed through on their pledge on May 8, attending Moser’s high school prom together.

Prom 3

“He made good on that promise,” said Lapkowicz’ brother, Tom. “And in the process put a smile on Mary’s face [and] restored my faith in humanity.” 

Moser’s mother was equally thrilled by her son’s prom invitation.

“Today was probably the proudest I have ever been of my son in his lifetime to date,” she shared. “He has accomplished many things on the football field, on the baseball field, in the classroom, and just in his life.

“He has grown into a man with a big heart, a deep sense of putting others first, and most of all making people feel special and loved.” 


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