The Seewalds, of 19 Kids and Counting fame, recently announced they’ll be having their first baby this year.

“We’re expecting!” Jessa said. “We are so excited. The due date is November first, our wedding anniversary.”

“We are looking forward to being parents,” Ben added.

Jessa is doing well. “I am feeling pretty good,” she said. “The morning sickness was different every day. It’s getting better, but I’m still hanging on to the heartburn. And I don’t have any super-serious food cravings.”

The couple was very excited when they found out they were going to be parents. “I said, ‘Hey Ben, guess what? Yeah, you’re a dad.’ We couldn’t believe it,” Jessa said. “We are so excited. We have started talking baby names. It is one of those things that is so special, picking a name for a baby.”

As the reality set in, a bit of nervousness came with it. “We are trying to take it one day at a time,” Ben said. “We pray every night that God helps us be good parents. We are getting advice from other parents.”

The Seewalds still plan to adopt eventually, although they won’t be able to until they’ve been married two years. “Our hearts haven’t changed on adoption,” Jessa said. “We are still making plans.”

Jessa isn’t worried about the birth, in spite of her sister Jill’s complications. “I am not comparing, not worrying about what could happen, we are just getting prepared,” Jessa said. “I think having this first year together to share our lives, just the two of us, has been special. We are definitely excited to be parents.”

With older brother Josh and his wife Anna expecting a baby in July, and older sister Jill and her husband Derick just having their first child, life is exciting for the Duggars.

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