Linfield College memorializes the life of Parker Moore, a sophomore football player and business finance major who was tragically stabbed to death late Saturday, November 15, at a local convenience store.

Moore entered a 7-Eleven near the school shortly after 11:00 p.m. on Saturday. Witnesses said there was no altercation leading up to Joventino Bermudez Arenas, 33, stabbing Moore multiple times.

Shortly after, Arenas fled the scene and Moore’s friend entered the store where he found Moore and tried to stop the bleeding.

After police arrived, Arenas returned to the scene and witnesses identified him as the suspect. Arenas refused to follow orders to drop his knife, which forced police to take action. Arenas was shot and killed on site.

Moore passed away from his injuries later at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.

Investigators are still unsure of what provoked the attack.

Moore’s classmates and others who knew him identified Moore as a peacemaker who sought to stop conflicts, not start them.

“I remember a couple of times on the football field, he’d level someone and he’d go back and help them up and tell them, ‘Good job.’ He was just a class act,” said Dane Hawkins, one of Moore’s best friends since second grade. “He was always the guy to try to break stuff up and make sure that everyone was getting along.”

“Parker was a guy that was always smiling, he was always happy,”  said Samantha Pell, another friend who knew Moore since elementary school. He was always saying hi to everybody. . . He was always trying to be inclusive of everybody.”

The school and the rest of the community mourned Moore’s death and banded together to support one another.

Linfield football coach Joseph Smith met with his team Sunday morning to discuss the incident.

“It’s hard. Hard for us. Parker was a dear member of the team, a true family member. Embodied everything that’s good about Linfield,” he said. “Parker had a charismatic personality. A leader of people. I heard him described as a rock . . . Parker is a young man you would want your kids to grow up to be.”

Linfield President Thomas L. Hellie said, “We are all still in shock, but we know that it is important to speak to counselors, to support each other as we mourn, and to think about and pray for Parker’s family and friends. We have lost a valued, important member of our community and all of us share in the grief.”

Hellie stated on the school’s website that counselors are available around campus and that meetings will be held for various campus groups.

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