Ashland high school students Hannah Thomas-Garner and Sylvia Davis went missing nearly three months ago after attending a rural-area party. Police located Davis mere days after her disappearance, yet Thomas-Garner reunited with family only this week.

Thomas-Garner called her father, Jeff Garner, from Santa Cruz, California on Saturday.

“She called me and said, ‘dad I’m sorry, I put everyone through this,’” said Jeff Garner. “She said ‘I’m safe and I’m ready to come home,’ and I bought a ticket, and then I flew to Santa Cruz, and I picked her up and we are now together.”

Hannah Thomas-GarnerAccording to police investigations, the two girls planned to run away with a third Ashland teen in November. The third girl eventually decided not to run away.

In December, Thomas-Garner’s car was found in Shasta City, California. She was later spotted hitchhiking on Interstate 5 near Dunsmuir, California, south of where her car was found.

Her disappearance surprised her parents, who described her as a good student, fond of drawing and photography.

Currently reunited with her father, Thomas-Garner has yet to release further comment.

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