An Oregon dad from McMinnville was captured by video, entertaining cows with his saxophone music. The video has been spread all over social media and is making people smile worldwide.

Rick Herrmann serenaded the cows with Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” and the Champs’ “Tequila” on his saxophone. On Twitter, the performance had accumulated more than 10 million views.  

Herrmann told Fox News 12 that he was shocked and overwhelmed by the response his video has received.

“It just seemed to resonate with so many people, so many people said they had a hard day and they watched it and it put a smile on their face,” Rick Herrmann said.

To humor FOX 12 recently, Herrmann tried to duplicate that moment. But it appears that not all cows are saxophone fans. That prompted Herrmann and a FOX 12 reporter to go further down the road to find the previous audience.

The same cows from the popular viral video drew close for the encore.

According to Herrmann, he began playing the saxophone about seven months ago, just to make people happy. But he didn’t know that it would be this many people so soon.

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