Republican Senator Rob Portman (OH) spoke out against the budget the White House sent Congress. He said the Republicans have a “very different” plan for the budget.

“[Obama] could have laid out policies that would put us back on track to balanced budgets and more economic growth,” Portman, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, said. “He could have cut waste, made our government more efficient and effective, and done all in his power to ensure that every single dollar of the taxes we pay is spent wisely. But he didn’t, and that’s why this new budget is so disappointing.”

Portman added that the proposed budget “raises taxes by $2.1 trillion,” and creates the “highest income tax burden on American families in our nation’s history.”

It also “includes $1 trillion in new government spending,” and it will never balance out: “not in five years, not in 10 years. Not ever.”

Obama has said that the country “can actually afford to pay for all of this” in spite of the growing national debt.

The Republicans’ “very different” budget plan focuses on efficiency and minimizing the deficit.

“Our budget will cut waste,” Portman said. “It will spend smarter, putting efficiency and effectiveness of government at the top of the agenda. It’ll recognize that you already pay enough in taxes, and instead propose pro-growth policies that create an environment where good paying jobs can thrive. It’ll put us back on the path towards the kind of balanced budgets you have the right to expect.”

The ultimate result of this year’s budget debate remains to be seen.

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