Deputy Mark Nikolai, nicknamed “Santa Laws,” is spreading Christmas cheer through Clackamas County by making traffic stops while wearing a Santa hat and beard.

“I’m just changing people’s perceptions and having a good time—of course, enforcing traffic violations, but also trying to create some holiday spirit,” Nikolai said.

Nikolai is met with friendly honks and waves from bypassers and warm smiles and laughs from those he pulls over.

“I’m out changing spirits today,” he explains to drivers after giving them a warning about their violation.

Most of these traffic violations are minor, so drivers are grateful that Nikolai lets them off with just a warning.

“In the light of everything that’s been going on with law enforcement lately, I thought, what a great way to break it up a little bit.”

Hana is currently pursuing an undergraduate English degree with a Spanish minor at Concordia University Portland. She loves creative writing and reading children's books and someday hopes to publish her own. Favorite hobbies include cooking, cleaning, eating ice cream, and singing Disney princess songs.