OREGON CITY, Ore.— Ashleyann Burnett, a young woman who once experienced living out of her car, dedicated her life to hand-crafting warm and versatile blankets to give to people experiencing homelessness.

The mission of Burnett’s organization, called Handmade to the Streets, is “To provide people experiencing homelessness a little hope and love.”

Each blanket is hand-sewn and features a strap and carrying handle for easy transportation when rolled up. They are lightweight, but made with warm fabric.

Burnett said she was inspired to start her organization when she saw a homeless man struggling to stay dry last winter. “He was trying to stay warm with just a sheet. It was blowing in the wind,” said Burnett. “I understand what it’s like to be cold,” Burnett continued. “Four years ago I lost my job and did what I could to get by.”

Burnett has a Kickstarter campaign and hopes to raise $4,800. “I want to establish a nonprofit [that] could turn out more blankets with a new sewing machine,” she said.

As of now, Burnett’s workspace is one of the spare rooms of her house, and she distributes out of her car. She hopes to continue to expand so that she can reach out to even more people in need.

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