Blessing met tragedy last year when Olivia Hibbs-Satterfield and her husband Brian found out they were pregnant on the same day that Olivia’s father, John Hibbs, was diagnosed with stage three esophageal and stomach cancer.

Hibbs was not expected to live long enough to see his granddaughter’s birth.

However, after enduring months of chemotherapy and surgery on his esophagus, Hibbs was pronounced cancer-free.

On Jan. 1 at 12:09 a.m., Hibbs-Satterfield gave birth to her daughter Lucy at OHSU, and Hibbs was able to hold her.

“This is a great start to the next year,” Hibbs said.

Lucy was the first Portland baby born in 2015, and to the Hibbs and Satterfield family, she represents the hope of a new life.

“That shows just how special she really is,” said new father Brian Satterfield of his daughter’s birth.

Hibbs-Satterfield was scheduled to give birth via caesarean on December 30 due to Lucy’s breech-birth position, but when the couple arrived at the hospital Tuesday, doctors discovered she had flipped to a safe position for to be born.

Lucy was born without complication after Hibbs-Satterfield went into labor Wednesday night. Both mother and daughter are happy and healthy.

Hibbs-Satterfield expressed gratitude that her father was able to see her daughter’s birth and that he can now live a cancer-free life.

“I truly believe that it’s only by the grace of God that he’s here today,” she said.

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