“Meowmosas”– a feline spin on a mimosa – can be sipped in the company of cats at the long-awaited Purringtons Cat Lounge which will celebrate its grand opening next Saturday, Jan. 24.

Eight felines from the Cat Adoption Team are adjusting to their new home when guests visit Portland’s first cat café.

“I want [the cats] to feel like the lounge is their living room,” said Purringtons’ president Kristen Castillo. “They are not here to entertain. We are visiting them in their home.”

Four of the cats are from the same location and are accustomed to each other, while the other four are new to each other. All were selected due to their sociable personalities.

The humans who visit the cats will be offered Oregon coffees, microbrews, wines, and teas. The cats will all be up for adoption.

“It hit me like a bolt of lightning,” Castillo said. “People would love this here. Portland needs this.”

While guests can’t make reservations for the grand opening, they can start reserving one-hour time slots online for an $8 cover charge for any other day the lounge is open. The lounge has a 20-person capacity and the website shows how many slots are available.

The menu is limited as the café is just beginning.

“We’re just keeping it light and fluffy to begin with until we get things figured out,” Castillo said.  “It’s like opening two major businesses – a cat shelter and a restaurant.”

Staff will be on hand to answer questions and prospective adopters will be able to fill out an adoption application but there will be no same-day adoptions.

“We don’t want any emotional decisions being made,” Castillo said.

Although Purringtons is the first cat cafe in Oregon, there are others like it in California and Colorado. The Seattle Meowtropolitan, is planned to open later this year.

Katrina Aman is an aspiring journalist who desires to be a person of positive influence. Particularly passionate about poverty alleviation and civil rights, she hopes her writing takes her where she can improve lives.