42 years after the landmark Roe v. Wade case legalized abortion, pro-life supporters gathered in downtown Portland to protest abortion legislation.

Kemper speaks at Pioneer Courthouse squareYesterday, on Sanctity of Life Sunday, pro-life supporters rallied in Pioneer Place to hear speakers including Oregon Right to Life’s (ORTL) President, Joan Sage, and Rock for Life and Stand True Pro-Life Outreach founder, Bryan Kemper. Following the speakers, the crowd walked through downtown Portland.

While commending Oregon’s pro-life efforts, Sage called upon the crowd to continue advocating for the lives of the unborn. “The baby in the womb is not the problem,” Sage said.

Since 1973’s Roe v. Wade, over 57 million babies have been aborted nationwide. In Oregon alone, approximately 22 babies are lost to abortion each day.

Roe v Wade Memorial Rally in Pioneer Place“We cannot hand this holocaust down to the the next generation,” Kemper said. “I am not here to fight abortion. We are here to end abortion.”

Pro-life advocacy groups such as Oregon Right to Life and Students for Life presided at tables around the rally distributing information and signs. Organizations supporting pregnant women, like Stand Up Girl, advertised free resources.

Many pro-life supporters face adversity for their beliefs, including the founder of Western Washington’s Students For Life group, Lauren Milne.

“People want to deny it, but it is a fact that abortion mills target our generation,” Milne said.

Despite cruelty from past professors and peers concerning her strong pro-life stance, Milne is certain abortion can be abolished.

“We are young,” Milne said. “We are full of passion and energy. If anyone’s going to be able to do it it’s going to be us – the generation that’s been hit the hardest.”

“The opposition is pervasive and cunning,” Sage said, pointing to the eugenic mindset of the abortion industry targeting minority groups.

While African Americans represent only 12.6 percent of the U.S. population, 30 percent of the country’s abortions are performed on African American women.

While recognizing the solemn reality surrounding the issue, speakers and attendees were quick to acknowledge and celebrate hope over mounting pro-life victories: the number of Oregonian abortions continues to decline each year. Students for Life groups are taking a stand across 18 Oregon campuses, and 46 percent of all American adults declare themselves pro-life.

Sunday evening, Kemper and Student’s For Life Northwest Regional Director, Lisa Atkins, spoke at a youth rally at St. Michael Archangel Church.

Kemper shared more of his testimony and passion for abolishing abortion with dozens of student leaders in the Oregon pro-life movement.

Roe v Wade memorial rally sign“I believe 100 percent that we are the generation that will abolish abortion,” Kemper said.

Visit Oregon Right to Life for free pregnancy tests, counseling, post-abortive support, and other resources.

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