Reynolds High School remembers June 10 tragedy and offers support and encouragement to Marysville students following last Friday’s shooting.

“We know exactly what they’re going through,” said sophomore Rachel Brighouse, 15.

Brighouse happened to be in Reynolds’ main building last summer when a fellow student shot and killed freshman Emilio Hoffman in the locker room.

“Stay strong,” said Brighouse in encouragement to Marysville students.

Over the past several months, Reynolds High School has provided students with resources for counseling to help them address the recent tragedy. However, events such as the Marysville shooting can cause feelings of fear and sorrow to resurface.

Junior Jose Huerta, 16, recommended that Marysville students “Seek help from counselors and talk about your feelings.”

Huerta explained that he heard about the shooting last Friday around 2:30 p.m. after his history teacher informed students about what happened.

Linda Florence, Reynolds High’s superintendent, posted a message to parents on the school’s website, explaining that students will have varying responses to the tragedy and parental support is essential in helping students recover:

“It can be difficult to accept the unexpected loss of a young person. Each individual handles tragic news differently.  Some children may experience a rush of feelings right away, while others may be in a state of disbelief for a while and may just appear dazed and confused. Some may initially be angry or fearful, while others may be so uncomfortable with their feelings that they act silly or giggly, even though they are hurting inside. All of these reactions are normal ways of dealing with grief. Please recognize that your child may need to spend some time in one or more of these emotional states, while they work through these different feelings.”

Marysville students and families gathered Saturday outside the high school’s entrance in memory of the victims. As school resumes, students, parents, and teachers will likely build a support system similar to Reynolds High counseling services to help the community cope and move forward.


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