SALEM, Ore.–Eustache de Saint Pierre, vetu

A sculpture by 19th century French artist Auguste Rodin, famous for “The Thinker” and “The Kiss,” arrived at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art on December 3.

The sculpture of a man, “Eustache de Saint-Pierre, Vétu,” towers above onlookers. The piece is on loan from an anonymous owner. It will be on display in the museum’s lobby until May 17.

According to the Rodin Museum in Paris, Rodin created innovative practices, paving the way for modern sculpture. He strived to convey intense human emotion through his work— whether it be inner turmoil or joy.

“He sculpted a universe of great passion and tragedy, a world of imagination that exceeded the mundane reality of everyday existence,” reads the Rodin Museum’s website.

In 1887 Rodin designed and created the mold for “Eustache de Saint-Pierre, Vétu.” The sculpture is from a six piece series, “Burghers of Calais.” It was cast in bronze in 1985.

The Hallie Ford Museum of Art is located near the capitol building at 700 State Street.

For visiting hours and admission prices see the website.

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