A longtime Seahawks fan decided to give away the hottest tickets in town to two grieving teenage boys.

Rhonda Johns has been a Seahawks season ticket holder for 25 years.

“I always buy the playoff tickets,” she said.

Although planning to take her 18-year-old son to the game, she decided to give her tickets to complete strangers. She wanted to bring joy to brothers who suffered a tragic loss on Christmas Eve.

Brad and Jordan Rice were excited to give their father his stash of Seahawks gifts but found him laying in bed Christmas morning having died from a heart attack. Their mother died of cancer six years ago.

“He was the number one fan, always going there supporting, coming back home and barely able to talk, like, ‘We just won!'” Jordan said of his father.

Johns heard about the tragedy and wanted to help.

“They’re 16 and 19 and — Riley here is 18 — and my heart just went out to them,” she said. “I’ll miss it, but if I can take their mind off what’s going on just for one day, it makes me feel good. My heart told me that the boys needed to go.”

Brad and Jordan say they will be thinking about their dad during Saturday’s game.

“Cheer like he’s there, cheer for him, act like you’re the fan he was — take his place,” Jordan said.

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