Elise Deschaine, a 14-year old freshman at Central Catholic, is already one of the best young golfers in Oregon, placing in two tournaments in Oregon and winning the top spot in the The Olympic Club in San Francisco.  In between school and practicing her skills as a golfer, she gives back to the organization that built her up to success: First Tee of Greater Portland.

Her mother, Jasmine Descahine, in an interview with Fox12, said, ” This course here, the Children’s Course, is where she first started playing golf and taking lessons.”

Her initial reason for golfing was purely to make friendships and have fun. However, five years later, her mindset is drastically different. “I just gave it all I got this year and it definitely paid off,” Elise said.

“I always had a desire to beat my dad one day, so that’s kind of the reason I stuck with it to reach the goal, which I did.” However, she’s not letting her talent get the better over her and is now helping as a mentor for the First Tee of Greater Portland.

“She comes out about once a week and hangs with our younger girls in the program,” said Justin with the First Tee of Greater Portland.

Elise thoroughly enjoys helping the young girls. “It’s just so fun to give back to young aspiring girls who were like me five years ago. When I’m on the golf course and it’s just me and the ball and a club, it’s a great feeling.”

Helen Cook is a current honors student at Benedictine College, where she is studying History with a minor in Theology. She is heavily active in student life, participating in three music ensembles as a violinist and leading Ravens Respect Life as president. When she is not busy with school and student life activities, she is found reading the many classical works of literature.