Slide the City is planning to visit a number of new cities this year, including Portland.

The date will be determined soon; click here for more information.

Slide the City is a family-friendly water party event featuring a number of activities including the 1,000 foot slip-and-slide. There will also be food and water fights. Participants will be given water guns but are encouraged to bring water balloons, super soakers or anything else to get others wet. The event is free but tickets are needed to ride the slide.

The exact location in Portland has not been announced. However, the group has been known to start discussions on their Facebook page to hear from locals about what hill would be best.

The first ‘Slide the City’ event last summer was a success with 3,000 available tickets selling out. All proceeds went toward Ronald McDonald House and the Utah Aids Foundation.

More information on prices and requirements are listed at the website.

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