Walmart shoppingThe Bellingham, Washington-based grocery chain, Haggen, plans to merge with several Safeway and Albertsons stores throughout the country. In Oregon, the number of Haggen stores would increase to 22. How much will prices change for Oregon consumers?

grocery storeNot much, according to a comparison done by The Oregonian. Comparing the price of an average grocery list — a dozen large eggs, Franz Nine Grain Bread, a gallon of 2% milk, a pound of honeycrisp apples, and a six-pack of Widmer Hefe — the experiment stacked up the prices at 7 stores.

Listed from most expensive to least, the stores reveal some price surprises. Where does your favorite grocery pit-stop fall?

1. Albertsons – $23.25

Landing highest on the price range, the Albertsons stores transitioning to Haggen ownership will not show any rebranding until next month.

2. Safeway – $22.35

Same goes for local Safeways, cutting a close second for highest price.

3. Fred Meyer – $21.85

Originally founded in Portland, Fred Meyer became one of the earliest superstores and keeps customers today with prices in the middle of the range.

4. New Seasons – $21.25

Surprising low on the price list, New Season’s competitive costs are likely due to a high-low buying strategy: basic grocery prices remain low, while high-end specialty items cost much more.

produce grocery store5. Haggen – $20.35

Haggen’s two current Oregon locations include Tualatin and Oregon City, but 20 more will appear next month.

6. Walmart – $19.08

The Walmart department store and grocery boasted affordable prices, coming in sixth on the list.

7. Winco – $16.46

No real surprise that this supermarket claimed the lowest prices in the study!

It seems the Haggen takeover, if anything, will improve grocery prices. Oregon shoppers can rest assured as they plan their next list.

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