MALMO, Sweden—

After hearing disturbing stories of anti-semitism, journalist Petter Ljunggren decided to see for himself what it was like to be Jewish in Sweden.

Shmuel Goldberg, a Jewish restaurant owner originally from New York, told Ljunggren that people often yell “Jew” and “Palestine” at him and even spit at him. Once someone was about to physically attack him before a woman warned him, “You’re going to get killed if you wear a kippah here.”

Ljunggren put on a kippah (skullcap) and a Star of David necklace and walked the streets of Malmo, the third-largest city in Sweden, where he was treated similarly.

A man beating his fist into his palm, shouted anti-semitic slurs, and eggs hurled from windows were among the threats and insults he encountered during his journey.

In one anti-Jewish area, a man appeared stunned to see a Jew and warned him to leave. One onlooker called the man “Jew swine.”

Ljunggren produced a documentary of his shocking adventures: “Jew-Hatred in Malmo.” He notes in the video that many of the incidents are perpetrated by Muslims originally from the Middle East, who apparently believe the conflict there is a legitimate excuse to treat their neighbors badly. The documentary was broadcast Jan. 21 in Sweden.

One interviewed Muslim concluded, “It’s only basic to hate Jews.”

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