The organization responsible for Seaside’s annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference announced they will cancel the conference, following KOIN News 6’s six month investigation of the inappropriate material administered to students.

Parents and teachers were outraged to discover that, rather than teaching students about safe sexual practices, the conference instead promoted the use of pornography, phone sex, drug use, and other inappropriate activities to kids as young as 11.

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The news investigation and multiple parental complaints led to a state investigation headed by Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin. The controversy caused all but one organization associated with the conference to withdraw funding.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), who continued to support the conference, denied that the material being presented was inappropriate.

“The conference aligns with our goals around youth using accurate information and well-developed skills to make thoughtful choices about relationships and sexual health,” the OHA announced.

Because the conference lacked funding and most school districts opted out of attendance, the Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force Board announced via email that the conference would indeed be cancelled.

“We value our longtime relationship with our hosts in the Seaside community,” the email read. “We cannot, in good conscience, hold a conference when we believe conference participants and our Seaside partners may be put in uncomfortable or unpleasant situations.”

The announcement went on to promise full refunds for those already registered.

Seaside Mayor Don Larson admitted he couldn’t be happier that the conference, which had been held in Seaside for over 20 years, had been officially cancelled.

“I’m thankful that Channel 6 exposed what was truly was going on there,” he said.

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