Kinsey Price, of Vancouver, Washington, has a crocheted a zoo of all sorts of animals including seals, tarantulas, beavers, and newts, to name a few. She has spent eight months making all of these animals and intends to donate them to children in the cancer units of the Providence Cancer Center.

“Each day that comes and goes through their treatment, the kids need to know that somebody remembers them,” she said. “Not just the family but somebody out there made something special for them.”

Price has taken suggestions for what to crochet next from neighbors and friends. Price’s first creation was a dinosaur for her grandson.

“He said grandma, how come you can’t crochet a friend for my dinosaur. And I said well I’ll try,” she said.  Price had crocheted and donated blankets, hats, and scarves for years but this was her first attempt at something more complex. Price bought pattern books, yarn, and polyester stuffing for the animals and began working.

“I’m hoping this will give them [the kids] the smiles that they need,” Price said. She plans to continue crocheting for children and other hospital patients. She and a friend, Sherry Kleven, are taking yarn and other donations and can be reached at

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