Kimberly Richardson, 25, was gasping for breath as she contacted police from behind a retail store near her work. It was 9:40 p.m., and she had been fatally shot.

“Help. I’ve been shot,” were the first words she shared with the 911 dispatcher, according to WNCN. As the dispatcher asked for more information, Richardson, who was six months pregnant, was struggling to speak. 

“I can’t… I can’t talk. He shot me.”

Richardson was able to inform police of her exact location before becoming unresponsive on the phone.

Emergency personnel arrived within minutes and rushed Richardson to a nearby hospital for an emergency cesarean section to save her baby girl, who she had already named Lacy Grey. Doctors were not able to save Richardson, who was pronounced dead shortly after the operation.

Cara Troms, a friend of Richardson, described her as an “uplifting” person and said she was looking forward to being a mother.

“She was so excited to be a mom and could not wait to meet her daughter,” she said.

Richardson’s boyfriend, Richard Steele, 25, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He is being held without bail, according to KRMG. No motive has been established in the case.

A GiveForward fund has been set up to raise money for Richardson’s funeral costs and for medical expenses from Lacy’s premature birth. To contribute, click here.


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