When he was eight years old, Martand Bhagavatula decided that he wanted to put smiles on the faces of hospitalized children.

“I was playing violin for youth group at a pediatric hospital. And what I’d noticed is that most of these kids didn’t have anything in their rooms,” said Martand in an interview.

The event made such an impression on him that Martland began the nonprofit Kids and Smiles.

The mission of Martand’s group to is to “bring smiles to pediatric patients by delivering toys, crafts, DVDS, and books,” according to their website.

In the past three years. Kids and Smiles has donated almost 1000 toys to hospitals in the Los Angeles area as well as organized several social activities.

A patient at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital in Loma Linda California, Conner Guinn, commented on Martand’s program.

“I think it is wonderful how people could be so kind in this world.”

12-year-old Martand also added, “For them to just see that all — it just really, you know, makes me feel good.”

A Beaverton resident, Madeleine Cook enjoys a passion for reading, running, and the arts. She is currently studying the Great Books at the University of Notre Dame and is interested in eventually teaching.