Gemma Donhou, a 28-year-old Australian woman who lives in Perranporth, Cornwall, recently met a 91-year-old woman named Edna at a bus stop. Gemma was heading home from work while Edna was going into town to look for something to do. They struck up a conversation and Edna revealed to Gemma that she was lonely.

“We started talking and she told me how she was just going into town for something to do because she was lonely in the house by herself after her husband of 55 years had passed away,” Donhou posted on social media.

Donohou was concerned about the 91-year-old and asked for her phone number so she could come over for a cup of tea.

Gemma did visit Edna, where they snapped Edna’s very first selfie. The picture has garnered thousands of shares on social media, with many voicing their appreciation for Gemma’s kindness and concern.



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