11-year-old Jaelyn Crebbin, of Coupeville, Washington, recently received a life-changing gift from a high school club. Jaelyn was born without her left arm and for her entire life; she has felt different from everyone else and has had to deal with the stares of people who feel sorry for her.

However, this has changed thanks to the Oak Harbor High School robotics club, which has been creating robotic limbs for people in need of them. Students are designing the limbs and creating them using a 3D printer.

Jaelyn is a recent recipient of one of those limbs and it is already making a difference in her life. “People would usually ask what happened to my arm. Now they think it’s cool!” she said.

The artificial arm allows Jaelyn to grip and pick up lightweight items. Most importantly, the arm has helped Jaelyn feel more like everyone else. Her classmates have been fascinated by the arm, and Jaelyn has been showing it to her friends, giving fist bumps and playing “patty cake” games.

The Oak Harbor robotics class is currently working on creating a more intricate arm for Jaelyn. This arm would be able to sense electrical impulses through Jaelyn’s skin, allowing it to be more responsive.

Jaelyn is excited about the other arm and appreciates the work that the robotics club has done. “That would be fun,” she said. “I’m thankful to the robotics team.”

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