This month, the first all-girl quintuplets in America’s history were born to parents Danielle and Adam Busby. The girls were delivered prematurely by C-section at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas, and are the world’s first surviving set of all-girl quintuplets in over 4 decades.

The five Busby girls remain in NICU while receiving treatment for various developmental complications. Each baby has her own team of nurses and medical personnel.

In an update video released last week, Danielle and Adam shared their gratitude for the nurses and physicians taking care of their premature daughters with optimism and love:

The couple also described the first time their eldest daughter, 4-year-old Blayke, met her little sisters.

Buzz World5“The second [the babies] would move their leg or their foot, she would laugh,” Danielle said. “She just thought that was so funny.”

Blayke quickly tired of looking at the babies in NICU, and seemed a little wary of the medical equipment involved.

“It’s going to take a little time to get [Blayke] to grasp that these are your sisters,” Danielle said.

Buzz World4The Busbys conceived both Blayke and the quintuplets on fertility treatments. After months of trying for a second child, they were shocked to discover they would be expecting not one, but five, babies.

“What a blessing to see and hear 5 little heartbeats, but also extremely overwhelming when trying to wrap our minds around everything that will come with having 5 babies all at once,” the Busbys wrote in the blog they began to document their surprise quintuplet experience. “We are holding on to our faith and convictions as followers of Christ and refuse to abort over half of our babies per the medical doctor’s advice.”

The Busby babies are named Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Paige.

“I have a joy for kids,” Danielle said. “But never in my life did I think I would ever have six kids, much less six girls.”

Through their blog and Facebook page, the family asked for prayer as the new babies develop.

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