On April 27, 2015, Mollie Perrin was born 13 weeks premature by an emergency Cesarean section. Before birth, Mollie was diagnosed with intrauterine growth disorder which was caused by a placental disorder. This meant that Mollie was not growing at a normal rate inside the womb. Doctor’s told Mollie’s parents, Stephanie and James Perrin of East Yorkshire, UK, that she would likely not live past 3 weeks old.

Stephanie and James were devastated by the news. “At our first scan, the doctors told us we can only expect to have her for three weeks. When they told us, we both just broke down. There were so many questions we had to ask,” Mr. Perrin said.

The disorder meant that the placenta was not working properly and Mollie was not being fed properly causing her to lack essential nutrients. In addition, an umbilical cord restriction inhibited Mollie’s growth. At birth, Mollie weighed just 1lb 1oz and was taken to the neonatal intensive care where she was not expected survive.

However, Mollie defied these expectations and at 3 weeks old, her parents were able to hold her for the first time. A photograph of James holding Millie for the first time shows how small Mollie was; her forearm was able to easily slip easily through James’s wedding ring.

Now at 17 weeks, Mollie has grown, weighing 5lbs 10oz, and her parents are getting ready to finally take her home, much to their excitement and relief.

“The joy and relief we feel is just amazing, we can’t wait to be able to finally be a family, it’s so incredibly special to be able to say we can take Mollie home,” Mr. Perrin said. “It will be such a relief to take her home. That’s been the hardest bit; going home and not taking our baby daughter with us. Seeing all these other parents come in, having their baby and being able to take them home has been heart-breaking. But knowing we will soon be able to do that is a massive relief. It just shows that it is possible to overcome all the odds, and miracles do happen.”

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