Most infants don’t begin forming words until 12 to 18 months of age. But one baby is taking the internet by storm, uttering his first word at only seven weeks old.

Toni McCann, 36, had noticed that her baby boy, Cillian, was trying hard to formulate words for some time. One day when he was more active than usual, she decided to record him as he formulated sounds, trying to respond to her. She was completely shocked, however, when her “Hello” was repeated back to her clearly by Cillian.

“He was trying to speak for a while but that day. I knew he was trying to say something,” she said. “You can tell my total shock when he came out with ‘Hello.'” 

‘If I hadn’t have videoed it, I’m sure people wouldn’t have believed me. I don’t think I would have believed it myself,” McCann told the Daily Mail.

McCann shared the video of Cillian’s first word on YouTube where it has already been viewed nearly a million times since it was posted on March 3rd. Watch him speak his first word below.

McCann and her husband, Paul, have three older daughters, but none of them were able to formulate words at such a young age.

“I have three older girls and never experienced this with them, although I think I probably just talked ‘at’ them and didn’t give them space to respond,” she said.

Cillian and his three adoring older sisters

Cillian and his three adoring older sisters

Now that McCann knows Cillian can repeat words, she’s intent on teaching him to say “I love you” next. “I’m saying ‘I love you’ to him at the moment. He loves it and is trying to respond,” she shared with Yahoo Parenting.

The proud mother has also been impressed with the reactions to the video on YouTube, admitting that the responses have “been so lovely.”

“Some people don’t believe it’s real, that it’s been edited. But on the whole most people love it,” she said. “That is really lovely for me, as there is so much bad in the world. It’s great that my wee son is spreading some joy.”


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