Seven month old Lincoln Seay received a life-saving heart transplant minutes after going into cardiac arrest. The Alaskan boy was born with a rare defect which caused his organs to be on the opposite side of his body.

“They had even said he might not survive birth we really had no idea what to expect, so when he came out and he cried and he looked great we were elated,” said mother, Mindy Seay.

However, Lincoln’s condition worsened after birth, despite many surgeries, his heart began to fail. In a emergency decision, his parents flew him to Seattle Children’s Hospital for a heart transplant. Lincoln had been waiting for a heart for five months, but just as he was going into surgery, he went into cardiac arrest.

Despite these odds, Doctors were able to successfully perform a heart transplant.

“We were praying for a miracle and that moment in time it’s fair to say we got a miracle,” said father, Rob Seay. “Because the heart was en route, they went ahead and opened his chest and the surgeon reached in and hand compressed his heart until the new heart arrived.”

Lincoln’s parents hope his story helps encourage others to become organ donors.

Hannah Joy is a student and childrens' literature enthusiast. She enjoys singing, nature walks, and hummus. She hopes to bring joy and truth into the world through the written word.