Eighteen year old Anna Mott of Marietta, Georgia has a passion for dance. Mott has been dancing since the age of 3 and by the age of 16, she was a pre-professional ballerina with the dream of becoming a professional dancer. However, Mott’s dream was put on hold in August 2012 when doctors discovered that she had a pineoblastoma brain tumor.

Over the next year, Mott fought the disease, undergoing 32 radiations and intense chemotherapy. In June 2013, Mott completed treatment and has been cancer-free since then. However, Mott still had problems to deal with; the tumor left Mott blind, partially paralyzed, and with cognitive deficits.

In spite of these obstacles, Mott continued to dance. Ballet became an essential part of Mott’s recovery as it helped her regain control over her left side paralysis and quickened the healing process.

Melissa, Mott’s mother, explained what a tremendous help dance was to her daughter’s recovery: “While we were in the inpatient rehab unit they said that her ballet training totally helped her bounce back quicker and overcome lots of things others without it most likely would not.”

In May 2015, Mott returned to the stage for a comeback performance. She impressed the audience, who could see her recovery through the exquisite movements of her body.

“This is honestly the best I have felt in the past three years,” Mott commented after her performance, “No matter what happens to you in life, you can do anything.”

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