Self-proclaimed “Maroon 5’s biggest fan” Christopher Warren had the chance to meet his idols when a local radio station, Hot 99.5, found a video Christopher made about the band for a school project.

“He researched Maroon 5 for a class writing project, sang their hit ‘One More Night’ at his school’s karaoke night, and he writes their name on his pictures,” said Avery Stanert, Christopher’s fourth-grade teacher at West Friendship Elementary School in Maryland.

Christopher’s teachers recorded a video (shown below) of his showing off his knowledge of Maroon 5 trivia and singing his favorite songs. They sent it to the Fox-affiliate radio station, who then arranged for Christopher to see Maroon 5 perform in concert at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. on March 2.

After the concert, a Maroon 5 intern took Christopher and his mom backstage to meet the band members.

Christopher was so overcome with excitement, he had to lay on the floor to calm down. The band patiently joined Christopher and his mom on the floor to take deep breaths and chill out.

The band was almost as excited to meet their number one fan as Christopher was to meet his role models.

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