Last Monday, Oregon’s Republican candidate for governor, Bud Pierce, helped save a man who had been involved in a head-on car crash. Pierce was on his way to an interview when he came upon the scene of the crash on Highway 20.

Pierce found Terry Walthinsen, 71, and his son Timothy, 38, seriously injured from the accident. Terry was pinned under the driver’s seat while Tim was unconscious and having trouble breathing. With the help of an emergency dispatcher, Pierce performed CPR on Tim for about 5 minutes as he waited for medical personnel to arrive on the scene.

Pierce, who works as an oncologist in Salem, has medical training but the experience was new to him.

“I’ve never done that in public. I did it in medical training about 20 years ago. Citizens have to be ready and I was just like a regular citizen listening to the dispatcher. I’m a chemotherapy doctor, a medical oncologist so I don’t see people broken up like that, so that was scary,” Pierce said.

Terry and Timothy were taken to a hospital in Bend and reportedly have life-threatening injuries. Terry underwent an 8-hour surgery to repair broken bones in all of his limbs and Timothy was put into a medically-induced coma.

Pierce credits the 911 dispatcher for guiding him through CPR.

“You get calm and you listen, and the person on the 911 line was very helpful, that person really guided me,” Pierce said. “I just acted on their directions.”

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