Two brothers from North Potomac, MD, wanted to help out their lonely classmates and took steps to make the idea into a reality. Ryan and Jack Golub recently saw video of a ‘buddy bench’ at a school in Pennsylvania and knew they wanted to have one at their elementary school.

The idea behind a buddy bench is simple: a lonely student takes a seat when they’re having difficulties making friends. Those on the bench will be approached by other students willing to be friends with them.

Ryan and Jack, who are in first and fourth grade, respectively, lobbied the PTA for the funds for the buddy bench. The brothers designed it themselves and it reads “make a friend, be a friend.” The bench was unveiled on Friday, Feb. 3 at Jones Lane Elementary School.

“It’s heartbreaking to think of, everyone remembers elementary school. It’s tough to think you don’t fit in,” said Annette Golub, Jack and Ryan’s mother. She and her sons hope the bench will help alleviate bullying and bring students together.

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