On the morning of Friday, June 5, the Milpitas Police Department sent out a press release reporting that a 3-year old boy was missing from the Milpitas Public Library near San Francisco, California.

An hour later, Tim Watson, a bus driver for the Valley Transportation Authority, noticed a man and boy on his bus that looked similar to the suspect and child described by the authorities. Watson saw that the young boy was crying.

Right away, Watson knew that he had to act quickly in order to make sure that the suspect would not get away. He came up with a plan and began asking the passengers if they had seen a missing green backpack. “What I’m trying to do is get to the perpetrator,” Watson said.

After doing so, Watson pulled the bus over to the side of the road and pretended to search for the make-believe missing backpack. This gave him the opportunity to call the police.

Once Watson arrived at the destination, the Fremont BART station, police officers were already there waiting. When the suspect, identified as Alfonso Edington, 23, got off the bus with the 3-year old in his arms, an officer grabbed the young boy and pulled him away from the suspect. After a brief scuffle, Eddington was arrested.

Officers examined the 3-year old boy and found that he had no injuries.

Two days after the incident, Watson was still in shock. He wondered what would have happened if he had not read the police report until much later, “What if I didn’t read that message until I got to Fremont BART?”

Robert Vega, the Communications Supervisor for the Milpitas Police Department described Watson as a hero.

However, Watson believes that he just acted on his paternal instincts. “I feel I did what any father would do.”

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