On April 25th of this year, Hannah Sanders and her fiancé, Lee Palmer, picked up the keys to the new flat where they intended to start their future together. To make the day even more special, Hannah’s home pregnancy test just confirmed that she was pregnant.

Filled with excitement, Hannah promptly shared the news on an online pregnancy forum. The last message she sent said, “I still won’t be 100 percent convinced till I have like 30 lines lol x.”

But excitement soon turned to tragedy when the couple left to share the news with loved ones. Only 30 minutes after learning she was pregnant, Hannah lost control of her small hatchback in rainy conditions and collided head-on with a pick-up truck.

Both Hannah, 20, and Lee, 26, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Hannah Sanders, 20

Hannah Sanders, 20

Rita Heath, 75, who was driving the pick-up, said that Hannah’s car appeared to slide into her lane, according to Daily Mail.

“The motor came round the bend and slid across the road. I looked and thought, ‘My God, they are on my side of the road.’ It was over in seconds,” she said.

An investigation ruled the crash an accidental collision after Hannah’s car skidded on the wet road. A post-mortem examination also confirmed Hannah’s pregnancy.

It was not until the investigation into the accident that Hannah’s parents finally learned of her pregnancy.

“It’s tragic that she and Lee never got to tell us their wonderful news. They would have been so happy and excited,” said Hannah’s mother, Pat. “Being a mum and marrying Lee was all Hannah ever wanted.”

“One minute Hannah and Lee were celebrating the new life inside her and the next they were gone,” she said.

Since the accident, the families of the couple have campaigned to make the road where the crash took place safer, according to Mirror. The Surrey County Safety Council has since put up warning signs and improved portions of the road. They are also planning to reduce the speed limit to 40mph from the current 60mph.

“Why they had to wait until our babies died, I’ll never know. It’s too late for them. Now our hope is to spare other families our agony,” said Pat.

Lee Palmer, 26, (left) with Hannah Sanders

Lee Palmer, 26, with Hannah Sanders

Regarding the couple’s passing, Hannah’s mother is finding comfort in knowing that neither would have wanted to die without the other. She is also happy to know that their last moments together were filled with joy, thinking about the pregnancy. 

“It’s comforting knowing that for the last precious half an hour they were together, they were happier than they’d ever been,” she said.

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