A church cross saved the lives of Clara Gantt and her grandson, Travis Catchings, during the South Carolina floods.

The ordeal began when Gantt was driving to church on the morning of Sunday, October 4. While driving, a sheet of water plowed into Gantt’s car. Gantt called 911, but did not receive an answer, so she turned to her family for help. Her grandson arrived at the scene to find Gantt’s car in a submerged field surrounded by water.

At this point, Gantt thought that the end of her life was near. “I said, ‘dear Lord are you taking me home right now?’ ”

Using a deer harness and rope, Catchings waded to his grandmother and pulled her out of the car. It was at this moment that they saw the cross.

“There was a little church right there,” Gantt said. “Where my car stopped was right beside a huge red cross. I was literally, after I got out of the car, holding onto the cross. I was clinging to the cross.”

Gantt and Catchings waited five hours for emergency workers to come to their rescue. Gnatt was hypothermic and had a broken ankle, but other than that she is reportedly in good condition.

In a Facebook post, Gantt wrote, “Thanking God for his mercy and power. He put my feet on higher ground. Praising Him in the storms of life. Thanks to all who have prayed for me and Travis.”

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